Stanton ISD Passes School Bond



Buford-Thompson Company was selected as the CMAR for Stanton ISD.  Their 2014 bond passed and will include Renovations and Additions to the High School, Middle School and Elementary School.  The bond also includes a new Baseball/Softball complex as well paving and other additions.

Story by CBS 7
Posted on May 10, 2014by Whitney Harding

MARTIN COUNTY: There were two school bond elections in Martin County today.
Starting in Stanton voters approved a $45.9 million bond with 65 percent saying yes. Those involved were pleased with more than the turnout: almost 400 residents voted in the election.
“It shows that we have a community that’s interested in what we are doing,” said Superintendent David Carr. “You’re always wary when you’re talking about $46 million and you’re looking at a school district our size. There’s…you know, that’s a lot of money.”
CBS7 spoke with people in the Stanton area today and one of the big selling points on this bond was the addition of a baseball/softball complex.
“For me it really boils down to the softball,” said resident Janie Pierce-Bratcher. “I want softball for our girls.”
“We’re the only district in our area in the 2A classification that doesn’t have either of those sports,” Carr explained. “It was in the best interest of our district to give our kids everything we can offer them.”